Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display Flexible floating hair

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Flat iron ceramic hair

  • If you have frizzy, dull hair and you want it transformed into gorgeous straight and slim locks, you only need a hair straightener. The Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display is an innovative device that makes hair not only straight but beautifully curls and flips it semi-permanently.
  • The straightener quickly heats up using its swivel cord (7 feet long) and gently provides great styling on hair without the fuss and mess. The 1-inch plate controls all your hair style and adaptable to any type of hair. By using this hair device, one could do it in minutes without making the hair too dry. This brand could qualify as one of the best hair straighteners in the world!
  • What else? This device curls hair beautifully and you could change style whenever you want. If you find curly is not your type today, you could straighten your hair anyway you want, anytime.

Best features so far

The Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display could bring joy to every lady of the house which her long or short hair makes her more beautiful, more the best if it’s flat or curly. But whatever the style you like, you could certainly attain it easily.You could check out the added features of this hair wonder:

You could check out the added features of this hair wonder:

  • Heat could be well adjusted to suit your desired temperature (190-450F: 60-230C)
  • Can straighten, curl and flips hair without damage
  • Plates made of tourmaline and ceramics to give hair extra shine
  • Makes hair silkier at a short period of application
  • Comes in dual voltage to fit any country (110~240V 50~60Hz)
  • Accessories include (free of charge): glove, pouch, travel size leave in Argan Oil for hair treatment
  • Product weight: 0.450 kg
  • Single package size: 26X3X3 cm
  • Can be operated by a single person on herself
  • Comes with built-in mini circuit breaker
  • With accompanying easy to read user’s manual
  • LED lights indicates heating Flat iron ceramic hair
  • Does not burn hair

Some issues against the product

This does not have automatic timer to shut it off when you forgot to do so. So, remember to turn off the switch or take off the plug from the socket before you go, especially when there are children around your home. They may be at risk if this device is not turn off manually and left unattended by adults. The LED light is lighted red when in use.


The Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display is probably one frequently used around the world because of its handiness and low price. Though there is minor issue, the quality is not diminished. The protective heat gloves provide protection from heat on your hands, so you could do your task without damaging your skin.

After-sales Service Provided:Return and Replacement

  • Warranty:1 YEAR
  • Application:Hotel, Household
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Plate Type:Ceramic Coating
  • Display:LCD
  • Brand Name:Goflag
  • Power:60W
  • Certification:CE,CCC,ROHS
  • Model Number:gfhs0303
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Product name: Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display 
  • Heater:MCH Fast Heating
  • Plate material:Ceramic Coating
  • Voltage:110~240V 50~60Hz
  • Temperature:60C-230C/190F-450F
  • Max Temperature:230 C
  • Advantage:Experience
  • Colour:Customizable
  • Color:Customized
  • MOQ:1pcs

Packaging and Delivery

  • Selling Units:Single item
  • Single package size: 26X3X3 cm
  • Single gross weight:0.450 kg
  • Product data 1. 1 inch 100% tourmaline ceramic heating plate, stable heating.
  • Flexible floating plate.
  • MCH heater, reach the max temp within 40s, temp display more accurately.
  • LED digital display,80-230°C (180-450°F),exchange between °F and °C function
  • 1h auto shut off function
  • Revolutionary far infrared function, wavelength 800nm.
  • All welded frame, rubberized shell,with soft feeling.
  • Negative ion function, green LED spotlight.
  • Electroplating silver of button, shaft-cup, tail circle.
  • Worldwide 100-240V dual voltage.
  • Professional tangle-free 720°(3D) swivel cord.
  • Packaging data 0.44kg/pcs,340*95*55mm
  • 14.2kg/ctn,30PCS/ctn,50.5*36*35.7cm
hair straightener LCD Display
hair straightener LCD Display
Flat iron ceramic hair
Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display title=
Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display
Flat iron ceramic hair straightener LCD Display


  • When you're in a rush or having a bad hair day, these time-saving hybrid paddle brush flat irons should be your go-to styling tool. They have many advantages over flat irons, which are notoriously bad for your hair. Straightening brushes cut your styling time in half and are a gentler way of straightening your hair. They also operate at slightly lower temperatures and only heat one side of your hair, which means less damage, and they don't tug or snag your hair.
  • Straightening brushes are safer to use, too, thanks to the hard bristles that don't get hot, so you don't need to worry about burning your scalp or your fingers. Unlike straightening irons that tend to flatten your hair, they keep your natural volume.
  • You still need to dry your hair and comb out the tangles before using them. You should also use a heat protecting spray. For best results, take individual sections and brush through each one slowly for maximum effect.
  • Only recently have hair brush straighteners, like hot combs and modern flat irons, become more reliable and safer to use on a regular basis.
  • There are many women for whom a flat iron simply isn’t the right choice; their sensitive or thin hair is quickly turned to toast by the high temperatures produced by flat irons.
  • That’s why electric hair brush straighteners became an overnight sensation a few years ago when videos of these often odd-looking contraptions started popping up on YouTube and Facebook. Manufacturers quickly responded, and today there is a wide variety of brush straighteners to choose from.
  • There are two common types of hair brush straighteners. “Paddle” or flat brushes look and perform very much like standard detangling brushes, with bristles built into a ceramic or tourmaline plate. The heat generated by the plate works to straighten the hair while releasing negative ions that make it shiny and smooth.
  • “Barrel” or rotating hair brush straighteners also detangle, straighten and add shine. In addition, hot air is directed into the hair as their ceramic or metallic barrels rotate, adding volume to thin hair. These are the best option for long hair, and the fact that the barrels are circular provides the added benefit of being able to curl as well as straighten.
  • Less common but still worth mentioning are “hybrid” styles of hair brush straighteners. Some are similar to a flat iron but with bristles on each of the plates, while others have a rotating barrel on one side and a plate with bristles on the other. You’ll also see lots of inexpensive, non-heated straightener brushes, but we won’t be focusing on those in our reviews.
  • Heat levels are most important, and everything else is tied for second place. The true benefit of these appliances is that lower temperatures are suitable for easily-damaged or thin-to-medium hair, so it’s crucial that they’re able to operate at the appropriate temperatures. 365° is considered optimal for medium-thick hair, and straightening very thin or brittle hair calls for temperatures closer to 300°. Some models also have settings as high as 450° for use on very thick or very curly hair.
  • Before choosing a hair brush straightener, be sure that the heat options match your type of hair and also check how long the model takes to reach temperature.
  • Type of Straightening Plates Used
  • Hair brush straighteners will have either ceramic, or ceramic and tourmaline, or titanium plates.
  • Ceramic is the most common for home hair brush straighteners and is generally the best choice for delicate, fine or color-treated hair because it heats evenly and a bit slower than tourmaline or titanium, and does not generate hot spots.
  • Tourmaline and titanium, by contrast, heat up extremely quickly and can damage thin or sensitive hair before you’re even aware that it’s happened. You will commonly find tourmaline and titanium straighteners used in professional salons as the stylists have the necessary training to correctly use these products.
  • Tourmaline has the advantage of producing 20x more negative ions than ceramic straighteners, which is great for making coarse hair shine, and reducing frizz and static.
  • Titanium heats up even faster (and more evenly) than tourmaline but due to the fact that it can hold intense heat is not recommended for anything other than styling really thick hair, or for those people with experience.
  • You will find tourmaline and titanium more commonly used in flat iron hair straighteners rather than hair brush straighteners (although there are some options provided below), due to the fact that flat irons as specifically designed to straighten hair, while hair brush straighteners are used not only to straighten but to style and sometimes to create volume.
  • Ladies, if you ever have or currently do straighten your hair, then you know it isn't always easy. There's certainly a struggle when it comes to getting that perfectly glossy, straight hair and it truly defines the saying "beauty is pain." Sometimes you burn your ear, sometimes the smell of burnt hair is too much to bear and sometimes (most of the time) you hair just doesn't want to cooperate no matter how many times you go over it with the straightener.

Yes, no one ever said being a woman was easy

  • But what if we told you there were easy ways to use your hair straightener that you've probably never thought of? Yes, that's right, we're about to make life a whole lot more convenient, ladies. Take a look below at seven of the most brilliant tricks for those of us who use hair straighteners. Prepare to be MIND. BLOWN.
  • Before you do anything, use a heat protectant spray to get a smooth, easy straightening flow.
  • Get some bend in your hair by brushing your hair outward while straightening.
  • When at the crown, flat-iron your hair toward the ceiling for volume.
  • Use your straightener to curl your hair.
  • Make beach waves by straightening down then twisting in the opposite direction.
  • Use a thermal brush at your roots to get rid of any cowlicks.
  • Crimp your hair by flat-ironing a braid.

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Flat iron ceramic hair

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